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Replicators aren't supposed to be able to create living organisms so, no. In A Matter of Honor, Riker eats gagh in Ten Forward to prepare for duty on a Klingon ship, and was surprised when he got there that the Klingons eat gagh live (though Worf probably could have told him that...).


Okay, this is a comparatively excellent piece of reasoning, and an explication thereof. Simply answering "no", simply because you think it would be "uncool", results in an assertion that demonstrates a lack of "toleran[ce] and respect[] of other viewpoints, opinions, and conclusions"-- thus, making a bare assertion, without explaining why, and without evidentiary support, is pointless ProfessorTrek 05:45, August 15, 2011 (UTC)


On a related note however, in an episode of Voyager, Live Gagh was simulated by Neelix by injecting replicated Gagh with a stimulant, although not alive they did wriggle.

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