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At the Battle of Wolf 359 (TNG: Best of Both Worlds) it took several federation and kilngon ships to destroy just one Borg cube with all ships besides a single oen being destroyed (sorry I don't have mroe exact figures). Borg spheres are even more powerful than the cubes. Since the Federation alone beat the Dominion, I don't see any realistic way that the Dominion could defeat the Borg. Beyond that, the strategies of the Dominion are brute force and every time we see the Borg defeated it's been by outsmarting them, not by using brute force.

Even the combined forces of the Dominion, Federation, Klingons and Romulan would most likely not stand any chance of defeating the Borg in an all-out war.

This is make-believe though and anything is possible.

= Borg. Assimilate one Changeling and introduce him or her back to the Great Link. DONE.


That is assuming a Changeling can be assimilated (which would be awesomely scary). Even if not, I'm sure the Borg could easily defeat the Jem'Hadar (probably not worthy of assimilation), leaving the Changelings and Vorta helpless.

One would think that because of the genetic structure of the Founders that they would be incapable of being assimilated as they could just isolate the nanoprobes to a portion of their body and expel the effected areas from their form. In addition the Changelings have a mild telepathic connection similar to the Borg collective which because the Changelings are so devious might cause the Queen to just have them exterminated instead of risking her power. Finally the Borg have military tech superior to just about ever known species in the galaxy so the Dominion military wouldn't stand a chance.

Ok, if you remember changelings can literally become ANYTHING. Including rocks, metal, fire,(changelings do not have the ability to change into forms of energy) fog, and space fairing being etc. How can a Borg assimilate fog? By virtue of the fact that Borg nanoprobes are microscopic it is unlikely that transforming into a nonsolidform would make them immune to assimilation Picture a changeling vs a bunch of borg drones. What does a borg go for when they attempt assimilation? The throat,(the injection of nanoprobes into the throat near the humanoid jugular vein and carotid artery is designed to allow the probes to attach themselves to the brain and spinal column reducing the amount of time the assimilation process more effecient) in the first episode of DS9 we see some sort of alien throwing a mace type weapon at Odo and Odo alters his head and the weapon flies right through him. So if a borg walked up to you and tried to assimilate you ,assuming you were a changeling, don't you think he would just make half you body stone? Or maybe water? Or fire? (again do to the microscopic nature of nanoprobes and their ability to self replicate at exponential rates assuming a liquid would likely have effect) The borg would lose, despite their tech being far more advanced, the changelings Biological morphogenic matrix would give them the edge hands down.

Furthermore the battle was borg vs. dominion not borg versus changeling. Thus even if the changeling's biology made them immune to borg probes the Jem'hadar and Vorta would not be, and since they form the backbone of the dominion military the dominion would still lose in a war with the borg.


Odo saw that mace coming in time, what if he hadn't? A changeling has to regenerate sometime. And if Cardassians can figure out a way to trap a changeling in one form, the Borg could probably come up with something similar.

The Dominion almost destroyed the entire Alpha/Beta Quadrant military presence without firing a single shot.(reference? last time I checked they did not) When up against the greater predictability of the Borg, it won't be hard. Jem'Haddar most likely are created/cloned faster than the Borg assimilate,(Jem'hadar take days to grow assimilation takes hours.) and they kill regardless. Borg only attack threats: one Changeling could go on a Borg Cube, as a mouse(since there aren't any mice on borg ships transforming into a rodent is not make a changeling unnoticable), or a speck of gas; unseen, unnoticed, destroy the cube, and turn to fog to survive,(since the borg have thousands if not millions of cubes even if a changeling could destroy the borg still have a tremendous numerical advantage so this too means nothing) and spacefaring-life-form to the next. Borg can only assimilate when they have a target. And Species 8472 came pretty close to defeating the Borg: a Changeling could turn to one of those. Since the changelings have never heard of species 8472 how a shifter would turn into one is seriously questionable. This of course assumes that the changelings would be one the front lines fighting for the dominion which they do not do. As was previous stated the Cardassians developed a method of disabling the founders to shift and so the Borg would with the knowledge of thousands of civilizations could easily create a similar or more advanced device. If the Federation probably wouldn't survive a war with the Collective and the Federation beat the dominion to say that the dominion could overwhelm the borg is laughable at best.

Well, let's put it this way, the Jem'Hadar probably wouldn't stand a chance, and nor the Vorta. A Borg armada could just go destroy the Changeling's homeworld. Some would survive sure, but the Great Link wouldn't. The Borg could trap a Changeling with force fields, how does it escape then? Just leave it to die when it can't regenerate.

Any conventional power would lose against the Borg. The Dominion is a conventional power. 01:31, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

One thing to keep in mind is that for much of the war in DS9, we did not see the full power of the Dominion. Remember, the wormhole was shut off - first by the fact that DS9 was there, then by the mine field, then by the fact that DS9 was there AND the Prophets disallowed further entry. Many of their forces were of Cardassian or Breen origin. It is likely an open question as to whether a Federation vs. pure Dominion battle would have resulted in the Federation's win, loss, or a stalemate, but it probably would have played out differently - and the Federation would probably have fared considerably worse even if they did win.

One should also keep in mind the rampant disregard for personal safety that the Jem'Hadar have. If they're willing to crash into a Galaxy class starship to prove a point, what happens if they decide to start ramming cubes at warp speed?

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