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It is very rare for a television network to pick up a series that was cancelled (the only one I can think of is Fox Network picking up Family Guy after cancelling it not once but twice), especially one that ended nearly 5 years ago. It is incredibly likely that Enterprise is gone now, but J.J. Abrams is planning a sequel to last years hit film Star Trek, set in an alternate timeline. It is also rumoured the he has expressed interest to start a series set in the alternate timeline, possibly around the same time the TNG/DS9/Voy were set, or maybe further forward in time, and it would explore the themes in the 2 films, as well as other, darker themes not usually associated with the franchise. If you are sufferring from Star Trek withdrawl symptoms, play Star Trek Online. It is a great mmorpg type game with a great community, and it explores events that happened in the "prime" universe that lead up to the new film, as well as mentions of all three latter-day spin-offs. It is set around the year 2410.