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Yes during Deep Space Nine we see the peregrine and the raider class fighters

It's mentioned in "Little Green Men" that there is a very fast type of Romulan ship called an "interceptor". Since this was mentioned by way of comparison to the shuttle Quark received from Gaila, we can assume that the Romulan Interceptor is some sort of fighter-type craft.

The Cardassians field the Hideki-class assault craft, which is built on the same spaceframe as the Cardassian shuttlecraft and is therefore a fighter-type craft.

The Maquis and Bajoran resistance also commonly used one- and two-man fighter craft, seen and ntioned in many episodes of TNG and DS9.

The Peregrine- and Raider-class shuttles seen in the last episodes of DS9 are true fighter-type craft, usually carried by Excelsior-class vessels. Since the Excelsior-class was largely obsolete by the time of the Dominion War, and the Federation had no carriers (or dedicated warships of any kind) at the start of the war, we can assume that their fighter hangars were improvised in the same manner that was common before the creation of dedicated carrier wet-navy ships: by putting hangars on battleships that have had their weapons removed, or for which gun emplacements are not available.

they do have some, but not as cool as the colonial viper or the starfuyr from bab 5 plus trek ships are fast and could defend themselves properly unlike other scifi ships which need help and/or can be destroyed by the most halfhearted assault. eg THE EXECUTOR and THE DEATH STAR

Yes, there are some fighters. The Peregrine, Runabout, Delta Flyer, Romulan and Bajoran interceptors and all kinds of shuttlecraft function as fighters. The Hideki class is too big to be a fighter, so that one doesn't count.

Fighters aren't used very often, I suppose they're not as useful as contemporary fighters and the fighters in Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and other sci fi, because Star Trek ships have shields, thick armor and very accurate weapons, so they aren't vulnerable to fighters. 22:50, November 27, 2011 (UTC)

Thematically, the creators of Star Trek appear to have intentionally patterned space combat after a more "submarine" style system of combat, vs. the "carrier & fighter" style system seen in Battlestar Galactica, Babylon 5 and Star Wars.

The reman scorpion-class is a quite true fighter

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