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From at least the 2250s, the ship was equipped with Laser Cannons, but around 2266, the ship had Phaser weapons.

And then Enterprise had to go and confuse everything by introducing phase cannons, didn't it?

Kitface 10:57, June 14, 2011 (UTC)


Ship's weapons and hand units are referred to as "laser" in the Star Trek: The Original Series episodes "The Cage" and "The Menagerie"; they may have been 'phase cannons' (LASER might have been a different acronym than is presently used in the real world) in use during the 2240s and 2250s.

This is actually an interesting question that hits on the discontinuity between the previous information and the Enterprise script. As mentioned above the weapons used in that era were clearly reffered to as lasers in The Cage but on screen they were basically phasers. They are reffered to on the show as phase cannons however fans were easily able to identify them as phasers partially because of their stun and kill settings etc. This hole in the story continuity, the fact that phase weapons were said to have succeeded lasers but never really existed in the show, was a negative point for fans.

In short lasers were supposed to come before phase weapons which were later improved upon to become phasers but that never actually occurred in the show.Darkseid253 03:03, June 29, 2011 (UTC)

I think that the Lasers were actually called "Multiphasic laser" or "Phase Modulated particle Laser" or even just "Phased Laser" or "Dilithium Powered Laser" even "Pulsed Laser". either would do, if this is correct then the weapons for the Kelvin could be lasers just Called Phaser short for "Phase laser" could that Work?

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