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There has been no material indicating there are either Pakled or Zakdorn Starfleet officers. Based on their species traits, it is unlikely a member of either species is in Starfleet, though of the two, it's more likely the Zakdorn would have a member.

The Pakleds are a scavenger race that, as far as I know, aren't Federation members nor allies. This would immediately preclude their enlistment. Also, while they have been shown to be deceptively cunning, they are still a fairly unintelligent species whose only technology is acquired through theft. In other words, not officer material.

As for the Zakdorns, they are brilliant strategists, and have served the Federation in an advisory capacity as such. However, due to their tactical brilliance and defense of their homeworld, culturally there's no reason for them to join Starfleet, as they've historically been quite effective at taking care of themselves. Not to mention their superiority complexes.

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