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Some but not all of them.


Actually, all of the Enterprise's shuttlecraft are warp capable. However, the shuttlepods are not.

[1] Thanks to Memory Alpha for the picture.

This is an example of a shuttlepod. There are three types: 15, 15A, and 16. They were described as short-range sublight vessels.

The Star Trek TNG Technical Manual lists three types of shuttlecraft: Type 6, 7, and 9A. The shuttlecraft that Captain Scott gets into at the end of Relics was a Type 6. The shuttlecraft that Wesley and Picard take to the starbase in Samaritan Snare was a Type 7. The Type 9A never appears on screen to my knowledge so is not "canon", but the Tech Manual describes it as a long range cargo shuttle 10.5 m long. Admiral William Thomas Riker 22:07, July 26, 2011 (UTC)


I believe the shuttle in Samaritan Snare was sublight (hence the 6 hour flight).

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