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No, while "The Maquis Problem" was discussed by starfleet command shortly after Voyager regained contact with them, all the former Maquis crewmembers were pardoned when Voyager returned


There is no canon explanation but according to the relaunch novels after Voyager returned to the alpha quadrant the crew learned that all Maquis were allowed the chance to have all crininal charges dropped in exchange for serving in Starfleet during the Dominion War. When Voyager returned all the Maquis onboard received the same treatment and were pardoned as well as given the chance to continue serving and were promoted two ranks just like the rest of Voyager's crew.


  • The above explanation makes little sense, as the Dominion War had been over for at least a year by the time Voyager returned.
    • Sure it does: Starfleet offered the mass pardon to all of the Maqui (the ones who weren't sent to the Delta Quadrant, and presumably, not slaughtered by the Jem'Hadar) while the war was still in effect. When Voyager came home a year after the war ended, they simply made the same offer to resume thier commissions, but without a wartime clause.


The Maquis were serving on Voyager during the war even though they were tens of thousands of lightyears away so any policy enacted during the war would of extended to them.

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